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The costs of running this huge site are paid for by ads. Please consider registering and becoming a Supporting Member for an ad-free experience. Thanks, ECF team. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Search Media New Media. Log in or Sign up. E-Cigarette Forum. Sep 17, Lakeland, Fl. I'm looking for a 30mm RTA. I'm liking the looks and the build deck of the Mason 30mm dumptank.

I want the Mason and I have my mind set on it unless someone can let me know of any other 30mm tanks that are strictly RTA's no prebuilt coil heads since I have a few of those already I'd prefer the RTA to be black or pewter or black. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. WheelinApr 21, Dec 24, Seattle. Jan 21, Arkansas Ozarks.

Asgard 30mm RDA - Vaperz Cloud - Probably The Best 30mm RDA Yet - Vaping Bogan

Don't have a Modfather My recommendation is the Aromamizer Plus Shawn HoeferApr 21, May 1, Sydney - Australia. To be honest, I enjoy both but find the Dump Tank can go harder before it dry hits when chain vaping. For example, in the morning I need to hit that vape hard to get my nic up, the Armomaizer starts dry hitting slightly after hard hits, then you need to sit back a minute like your suffocating yourself.

Now, it might just be my wicking as I've only had it a few days, 3 wicks total playing around with different tensions. The 40mm Dump Tank goes hardcore, the wicks are huge almost as big as you'd place in an 30mm RDA so it wicks like a champ, but that 40mm Mamma is just too big for everyday life so I'm looking into the 30mm Dump Tank considering I was impressed with the 40mm performance. Can't take any points away from the Aromamizer though, the build quality is excellent, nice tight seals, perfect tollarance on the airflow and juice control, really smooth inhale on the thoat.

If I can stop it dry hitting I't would be a touch call. There's something about the Dump Tanks though, their design which is completely appealing, especially if you're a fan of Mason in general, their RDA's etc.By Lindsay Fox Posted April 27, Rebuildable atomizers might require a bit more work — crafting your coils by hand instead of just buying them pre-made — but the benefits to using them far outweigh the costs from the perspective of many vapers. Not only does picking up some resistance wire — like Kanthal, nickel or titanium — and wicking material — cotton being the most common — cost a lot less than buying pre-made coils, the vapor production, flavor and overall performance are drastically improved.

But what is the best RDA atomizer? Should you go for the Velocity or the Layercake? Does the Dead Rabbit V2 have more to offer vapers than the Passage?

And what about the best RTA atomizer? Here are the top 10 best Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers as voted by our readers. The Lit RDA from Vandy Vape makes this list for its impressive versatility, supporting builds with mesh, as well as horizontal and vertical coils. To support these options, it has a unique build deck design, with a series of clamps held down by two flat-head screws, offering a very simple way to connect both regular wire and mesh.

Lit is also a bottom-feeding RDA, so you have the option of using a bottom-fed connector pin included with the RDA to vape with a squonk device. It also features a unique rhombus-shaped airflow control system, with a series of holes you can close off or open up to get your perfect vape.

The Guillotine V2 from Wismec is more of a traditional-style RDA than the Lit, but it still offers an impressively-versatile building platform with a user-friendly build deck that performs excellently.

The device has a 24 mm diameter, with stainless steel construction and a wide-bore resin drip tip. It also comes with an optional bottom-feeding contact pin, so you can use it with squonk mods along with as an ordinary dripper.

The build deck has a two-post structure, but each of these has two hex screws in the top that control the position of a clamp that keeps your coils in place. Another unique feature of the Guillotine is the airflow control system, which offers you two different options for layout.

In the standard layout, there is a well-executed bottom airflow system, with a channel that brings the inward-flowing air up directly underneath your coils. However, if you flip the central portion of the atomizer, it becomes a side airflow system, twisting the top cap to close off or open up the airflow to your preference.

This Hellvape and SMM Suck My Mod collaboration is a much more traditional take on the RDA, offering a simple-but-effective building platform with a two-post design and a well-designed airflow system. It has a 24 mm diameter and comes with a bottom-feeding squonk pin as standard, and has a conical top cap to improve flavor without impacting vapor production. It makes use of high quality materials, including stainless steel for the body and PEEK insulators, as well as an anti-bacterial drip tip.

The build deck is quite simple compared to the entrants on this list so far, but it works well for most purposes. The airflow system is the honeycomb style, but the array of holes is on the inside, with the usual slot-style airflow on the outside. The Profile RDA makes this best RDA atomizer list for its impressive design, specifically intended to offer a more consistent vaping experience with mesh than anything else on the market.

Just Right, with a fairly standard look on the outside but a unique build deck hiding underneath. It has two clamp-style posts, to ensure it works for mesh coils, but the key design element is the spring-loaded ceramic support between the coils, which pushes upwards to ensure good contact between the wick and mesh at all times.

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This leads the Profile RDA to perform exceptionally well with mesh coils, drastically reducing burnt hits and making it much easier to set up the wicking.

Of course, the clamps are easy to use with ordinary coils too, you just tighten the screws on the outsides of the clamps when you wires are in place. The RDA sports a honeycomb style airflow system, which are towards the top of the barrel but still offer great airflow and contribute to the excellent flavor and vapor you get from the RDA.

GeekVape has put out some excellent mods and especially atomizers over their time in business, and the Loop V1. It offers a lot of the features you expect from drippers today, including an optional squonk pin and adjustable airflow, but the deck design is incredibly unique. It has a W-shaped deck, with four post holes two on each side around the central peak, and a series of holes for airflow lining the curved sections beside them. These draw up air from the flatter outer sides of the device, and line up with the adjustable airflow system on the barrel.But instead of having to drip all of the time, with an RDTA you simply fill up the reservoir located underneath the tank and vape away.

best 30mm rta

This translates into more dense and flavorful hits, comparable to that of an RDA. For vapers looking to get a little more convenience out of their tank without sacrificing flavor, RDTAs are the way to go. It can also be used for squonking by using the included BF squonk pin. In addition to its versatility the Faris RDTA features a spacious postless build deck that is able to be used for both dual coil and single coil builds.

There are four terminals on the build deck and your coils are secured by side screws for easy, hassle free building. For single coil builds, Wotofo have included two blocks to adjust the size of the wicking ports.

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The Faris RDTA uses a nifty pocket hole airflow system that directs airflow to the bottom of the coils and then up and through them and to the mouthpiece. The way these airflow slots are positioned results in more flavorful vapor and also prevents leaking. Measuring 26mm in diameter this tank has a 5ml ejuice capacity. Your leads are side-secured via flathead screws and the deck is very user-friendly and easy to build on.

Plus, to make it even more convenient, there are four wicking ports that make for super simple and natural wicking. Airflow enters the top of the Prime RDTA through dual side airflow slots which can be adjusted by turning the knurled drip tip. This tank is top filled through a large fill port located on the build deck and can be plugged using the included ULTEM plug. The Limitless Mod Co Prime is a flavorful and easy to use RDTA that delivers some of the best flavor on the market and is perfect for vapers looking to blow large clouds.

Made of durable stainless steel, the Vapefly Galaxies can take a beating and is capable of holding up to 2ml of ejuice in its reservoir. You also get a BF squonk pin included with the tank. The deck on the Vapefly Galaxies is a two post, single terminal design. There are dual wicking ports and a spring loaded juice fill port designed to fit most droppers and e-juice bottles.

There are also two overflow ports in the central column of the atomizer to rid the tank of excess juice in cases of over-squonking. Airflow on the Vapefly Galaxies is unique and features 6 levels of airflow control. This means that you can adjust the airflow for both airy draws or for a tight mouth to lung experience.

25-40mm Rebuildable Atomizers | RBAs | RDAs | RTAs

There are also two hex screws that can be removed to draw more air into the coils. For its array of features and consistent performance, the Vapefly Galaxies rightfully lands a spot on our list of best RDTAs Plus thanks to its stainless steel construction the Pyro V3 is a durable RDTA that can withstand drops without an issue.

The Pyro V3 features a spacious, postless build deck that has twelve airflow holes located in the center of the deck.

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The Pyro V3 channels airflow through to these holes from six side airflow holes while also channeling airflow directly to the coils. This airflow and deck setup makes air hit your coils from the bottom as well as the sides and this provides some of the best flavor possible from an RDTA. The Pyro V3 is also very easy to fill thanks to the two fill ports located on either side of the deck. Just remove the top cap and fill the tank. Dripping also works great because any excess ejuice will drain into the tank.The costs of running this huge site are paid for by ads.

Please consider registering and becoming a Supporting Member for an ad-free experience. Thanks, ECF team. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Search Media New Media. Log in or Sign up. E-Cigarette Forum. Sep 17, Lakeland, Fl. I have a handful of 22mm and 24mm RDA 's. I love large airflow so that would be 1 for me. I hate bottom airflow so that would be a deal breaker for me.

If the authentic is a good price I will go for the real deal but if the RDA is a good clone and I can save money I will go for a clone. Opinions and go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. WheelinFeb 18, Jan 6, Sed8op8Feb 18, Like x 2. Sep 25, North Carolina. The temple rda. TheTinManFeb 18, Hung over a bit as Sed8op8 mentioned. I thought it would too but wanted to see. With all the real estate that is on the you would think that they would have moved the connection back a bit in order to accommodate a 30mm.

I'm sure a 28mm will sit flush and not hang over. Any opinions on 28mm RDA's? WheelinFeb 19, It doesn't look TOO bad with a 30mm on it Dec 24, Seattle.

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Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk. WheelinFeb 21, Also do they only make the 27mm in chrome? I have the black with carbon fiber and I'm wanting to go all murdered out. Black on black but it seems the black are 24mm, 27mm or 40mm.

I think the Advocate only comes in that dark chrome, sadly. Here ya go: 27mm 28mm. The 27mm has the added benefit of using dual velocity style posts, whereas the other Masons use the quad terminal posts.The Vaperz Cloud Trilogy 30mm RTA is a competition-ready rebuildable tank atomizer that boasts a large amount of high capacity tube options. This includes a massive 10ml bubble glass. The Trilogy RTA is the latest vaping product to hit shelves in Manufactured by the high-end company Vaperz Cloud.

The build should look to avid Vaperz Cloud fans. This is because it replicas the very popular Asgard RDA deck design. Rebuildable tank atomizer releases are slowing becoming few and far between due to the high demand of pod devices. Thankfully Vaperz Cloud is a quality manufacturer that specializes in high-end products.

The main components are made in the USA and the rest is from China. This includes a 2ml, 5. The filling system incorporates an intuitive half-turn twist cap that reveals two enormous kidney-shaped inlets. The Trilogy RTA chimney can deliver smooth airflow and dense flavor. This is because of the domed construction and condensed space. The amount of air can be easily changed by adjusting the buttery smooth airflow ring. It contains 44 micro holes that help stabilize your air intake.

The build deck allows for sizable exotic coils. The build deck contains a 4 point postless layout with tiny grub screws to hold everything in place. The trick I found to obtain the best coil placement is to bend your wire inwards and low to the deck. The wicking for this RTA is forgiving and is a cinch to perform. Cloud production is fantastic!You will likely fall into one of the following searchers:. So, now you have narrowed down the type of RTA vape that fits your needs we can move swiftly on to the reason you are here.

Another collaboration, this time with Youtube Vape reviewer Vaping Bogan.

10 Best RTA’s 2020 – For Flavour, Clouds, Beginners & MTL Vapers

The Dovpo Blotto is all about the airflow and the when you see the build deck you will see what we mean. The deck can handle single or smaller dual coil builds, it performs with both. The 25mm diameter makes it vape mod friendly even though the spare bubble glass will boost the width further up the tank upto 30mm. Either way, it still looks the business on most devices. The RTA is simple to build on, is fairly forgiving when it comes to wicking and has an easy top fill.

The Zeus design is superb throughout the range, solid without any over the top branding. The Zeus X measures in at 25mm in diameter and can accommodate dual and single coil builds. Everything is easier on the latest deck design from wicking to building.

best 30mm rta

But we are ultimately interested in performance right? However the size can be a bonus when installing coils and this dual coil deck gives you plenty of room for some beefy coil builds! Also this can hold up to 5ml of e-liquid but you might find yourself getting through that quickly with some monster coils on the go!.

The airflow as you can expect is pretty beefy too with 3 cyclops airflow inlets that you can adjust and 4 outlets right under the coils on the deck.

The result is massive smooth clouds and a lot of flavour too! But do not fret you can also adjust the airflow down to a restricted setting too! I found this really easy to build on despite only being 22mm in diameter. The post design is really clever meaning you can clamp the coils above or below the clamps and it is so easy to get the coil legs aligned. The airflow is adjustable and there are 5 settings — even in the fully open position this gave a restricted MTL airflow — might may be too tight for some — but perfect for me.

The flavour was incredible and the supplied coils were beautiful. This little RTA is economical on e-liquid and power consumption. The Peacemaker is a single coil 25mm diameter RTA which you have to admit with the 4ml Stainless Steel tank installed is a hard-ass looking bit of kit!

Of course the airflow is fully adjustable too. The deck has a ceramic clamp design which is held in position by just one screw — so simple to build with plenty of space. Even filling this up was a breeze thanks to the large kidney shape fill ports which had no problems with larger e-liquid bottles. Strangely for a MTL RTA this has a 24mm diameter — so might not be suitable for smaller mods — but it does give you more space to play with on the build deck!

Talking of the deck this still retains the 2 screw post simple design and it is just a case of getting the single coil central. The airflow is where this really shines and this does really give a restricted draw. It is of course adjustable and this time the outlet on the deck is a slot rather than the small hole of the first version.We are including the best tanks, RTAs rebuildable tank atomizers as well as sub-ohm replaceable cartridge tanks, for cloud chasers and flavor chasers alike.

Find the tank that suits you best. Wotofo Nexmesh features a game changing mesh coil design for next level flavor and huge saturated clouds.

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Get Free Shipping from DirectVapor. Get Free Shipping from VaporFi. The Freemax Fireluke 2 is the successor to the ultra popular Fireluke still an awesome tank! Available from DirectVapor with Free Shipping! Get Free Shipping from VaporFi!

best 30mm rta

The Horizon Falcon family is a killer line of mesh subohm tanks that has some of the best mesh subohm coils around. The O. Falcon is still an awesome tank and is easy on the wallet.

Best Vape Tanks 2020 | Sub-Ohm and RTA Tanks

There is a reason this is one of the most popular tanks of all time! Also available ElementVape. The Hellvape Fat Rabbit has lots of great features that make this tank a solid choice for any subohm vaper. The Zlide MTL sub ohm family is for mouth to lung flavor chasing. This tank has gone through several revisions and keeps getting better! Get the Zlide with free shipping from Directvapor! Aspire has been making great subohm tanks for quite a while and the Tigon is easily one of their best MTL tanks to date.

Use code: SHIP The Vaporesso VM tank is a 22mm diameter tank that has killer flavor thanks to an easy to use, pluggable mesh coil system. This tank works well with single battery mods or even compact internal battery mods. Keep in mind that new tanks are coming out on a daily basis and this guide will be updated regularly. First off, the term sub-ohm sub-ohming and sub-ohm vaping used to refer to having a coil resistance under 1 ohm.

Vaping over 1 ohm is more for flavor and MTL style. Vaping with lower resistance for direct lung vaping clouds!