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Remember Me? Coupe and Convertible General Discussion. Today PM. Photos and Videos Forum. All photos, videos, and other media related to the BMW 1. Non M-Sport E82s. Yesterday AM. Ordering, Pricing, Options, Tracking Discussions. New to the BMW purchasing world? Come here to talk about different topics related to the purchase of a new 1-series.

Regional Forums. Technical talk specifically related to the N54 and N55 turbo engines, exhaust and drivetrain in the i. N55 i blown headgasket? Technical talk specifically related to the naturally aspirated engine, exhaust and drivetrain in the i. BMW N51 Turbo build. Suspension Brakes Chassis. Yesterday PM. Want to make a visual difference to your car, come here to discuss! Fix for peeling soft touch DIY Do-it-yourself instructions. Halogen Headlights to All maintenance, servicing and warranty related topics.

The trunk does not open! Radio change for BT.Pride goeth before the fall. Lord British wasn't quite as bad as I suggested in the last entry, although I might have expected a warmer greeting and an explanation from someone I haven't seen in years. It occurs to me that Lord British and the Avatar aren't really "friends," as such, and come to think of it, he probably would prefer that I weren't there.

I mean, let's look at the evidence. First--and this blew my mind when I realized it--Lord British has never actually summoned the Avatar to Britannia. When the Avatar comes in Ultima IVit's because moonstones and lore books were scattered throughout the multiverse in hopes that someone who could become the Avatar would find one.

Lord British didn't know that the person who became the Avatar, specifically, would find it. Dupre, Iolo, and Shamino were responsible for the Avatar's arrival in Ultima Vand they weren't acting on Lord British's orders because he'd been kidnapped.

d addict forum

The gargoyles summoned the Avatar in Ultima VI to kill him. It's not clear who opened the moongate in this game except that Lord British specifically denies doing it. Note, too, how quickly Lord British sends the Avatar back to Earth after each game. There's absolutely no denouement--the Avatar gets shoved through a portal the very moment he completes the main quest.

The reason becomes clear when you think about it: The Avatar is a threat to Lord British's own power. The Avatar is a spiritual figure who enjoys almost universal love, admiration, and recognition. He's shown himself wise and courageous enough to save Britannia from destruction several times over.

He's built and re-built himself from Level 1 to Level 8 half a dozen times. He's mastered the arts of war and magic. He knows everyone important in the kingdom. And by Lord British's own standards, the Avatar the only person virtuous enough to bear his title. Would you want him around if you were a monarch? But he's not dumb enough to ignore the Avatar's utility, and he's aware that a few things are clearly wrong.

The most obvious concerns magic.Existing rules also apply. Any news or information about bar crawls, events or happenings in Pattaya can be posted here as well as who is going to be around.

Please place your personal introductions, congratulations, greetings and birthday wishes in this forum. Looking for a particular Bargirl? Post Your Questions Here.

d addict forum

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d addict forum

Feel free to place your questions and concerns here. Experienced veterans can add their comments and advice here also. Section Sponsored by.

All information and reviews relating to bars and gogo's. Add your reviews and experiences here. Forum Sponsored by. Information for the lucky people who live in or are planning on moving to Thailand. All relationship issues should be placed in this forum. This is a strict no flame zone but advice is appreciated.

d addict forum

Section kindly sponsored by. Soi 6 Bar, Restaurants and Business Reviews. Soi 6 promotions, news and hotel reviews. Please read the pinned topic regarding nudity. Forums Sponsored by. We will break this into seperate sub-forums when it gets some content so till then post anything here.

Tips on how to use forum and the forum features to your best advantage. Feel free to ask questions about forum features, please search first. Please use this forum for topics about Pattaya in general, if the topic is adult, please put it in barstool banter. Section sponsored by. Anything related to Thais you can find or place it here. We welcome reviews from anywhere outside of Thailand. All information regarding travel including Planes, Trains, Busses, Vehicles and other travel related information and tips.

We welcome reviews of restaurants, clubs, pubs and any other venues of interest. Business Owners can list their establishment or services offered here. We are providing this space for the benefit of all so that people are able to easily find a business, service or establishment that they have need of. Got something to sell or rent? Perhaps your looking for something? Post it here. Questions and answers related to the forum, cell phones, computers, mp3, video, software or anything of a technical nature.

Telephone and callings questions, problems and solutions can be found and placed in this forum. Also includes calling cards and calling plans etc Cars, motorbikes, boats, aircraft, licensing, tax, insurance, lessons, where to fix, store or dock. Any other motoring, racing or motorsports is welcome to be discussed.The new Olympus M.

Venus Optics should release the Laowa 7. Venus Optics is rehousing some of their more popular lenses in cine housings so the Laowa 7. The Laowa 7. So a little more than the original light model or they might make it the same price since it is so close.

Topaz Labs released Gigapixel AI version 4. This update includes a refreshed interface for a more seamless batch processing workflow, the ability to specify processing settings per item in the batch, as well as other tweaks and fixes. Major new features and improvements.

Major new features and fixes. A fully functioning day free trial of ON1 HDR is also available for download now, no credit card required. Via PhotoRumors. Pre-orders are now open. Skip to content. In stock for the first time: Olympus M. Posted in Uncategorized Tagged M.

Laowa 7. Posted in 3rd Party Lens Tagged Laowa 7. Posted in Deals Leave a comment. Send tips news rumors guest post ideas. All trademarks and brands belong to their respective owners.

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Disclosure: this blog is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links.Addiction Policy Forum is committed to. Preventing Addiction. Improving Access to Quality Treatment. Ending Stigma. Latest News. Helping patients and families. Whether you need help finding treatment, information to understand the disease, or to talk to a counselor today, we're here to help. Our staff of trained counselors provides free, confidential support for anyone in need of help.

Learn more about substance use disorders and how addiction affects the brain, genetic risk and how to prevent addiction. We envision a world where addiction is no longer a major health problem. Learn More. People with substance use disorder SUD are advised to take extra precautions during the coronavirus pandemic. Health officials warn that those struggling with an addiction particularly opioid and methamphetamine use disorders -- and those who smoke or vape nicotine or marijuana may be more vulnerable than others to the coronavirus that causes COVID and to developing more severe symptoms.

Addiction and Sadness. Resource Database. Addiction A-Z. Solutions: Local Responses and Innovations. Read More. Learn about APF.D-Addicts was founded in November of by Ruroshin. In the beginning it started out as only an open tracker, a couple of months later a forum was added. DramaWiki and FansubWiki were both created in spring of In November of the founder decided to close the torrent section, and in September of a new owner under the same name took his place.

IRC channel 1. Nick: Choose a nickname you want to use in chat.

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Channel: d-addicts. When the forum is under maintenance you may still be able to access DramaWiki. What can I say, he walked in through the door backwards.

1911Addicts -The Premiere 1911 Forum For Enthusiasts

To mention some things; Coming very close to deleting all subtitles, putting up a blog at D-Addicts main page, where the majority of articles are completely unrelated to Asian entertainment and optimized for search engines.

In addition, plastering the forum with ads. It is just wrong! I will remain at D-Addicts, despite not liking how things have been handled lately. I have not given up on the site. Update Sep This decision has been cancelled. The subtitles section are now members-only.

You need to register a free account and have at least one approved post to be able to access it. This should make the site run more smoothly. Only the torrent section is closing. Discussions, subtitles, DramaWiki, etc will remain online.

I wish it was April 1st. See Links of Interest for places on where to find information, dramas and subtitles. Thank you for all those constant updates.

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My name is namihodai on d-addicts, so we already know each other. It sucks that d-addicts is down so often. Maybe we should try to install a mirror site. But I think that is not so easy with a forum.

So maybe just a mirror site with the srt and ass files and the torrents. The subs could be linked to the wiki, which never goes down as far as I remember. It would be quite convenient to see if subs exists in the wiki. Thank you for your comment. As you say, a temporary solution would be to add the subtitles to the Wiki on D-Addicts. The torrents are already available via rss thanks for your guide. So we would just need a mirror of the subtitle forum.

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Just Imagine a link in the wiki which already states the number of subbed episodes. Hi I want to thank you for all you do for the community. I shared your fansub map in my Facebook community to see If Spanish fansubs want to share their works in your map.Showing topics posted in for the last 30 days. Apply Changes. This stream auto-updates. Ipsa est veritas replied to Shug 's topic in Barstool Banter.

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Getting in to the oil and gas industry as a newbe 5 hours ago 7 forqalso replied to world wide boy 's topic in Jobs, Business, Banking, Finance, Education And Careers.

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Thailand describes the process for Thais returning from overseas in repatriation flights 10 hours ago The Pattaya News posted a topic in Pattaya News Forum. Best Sunday roast these days? Strange weather This is the coolest April I ever remember Sign In Sign Up.

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